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        "My little one attended swimming classes when she was 3 and a half in Toronto and it was miserable for her and us. She was scared of water and let alone learning anything. Then we thought to give it a try again when we moved Aurora, and thank God my little one got assigned to Emelia where she was teaching at Aurora Family Leisure Complex! What a difference Emelia made just in the first session! My little one immediately changed 180 degrees and she can’t wait to go to the swimming class and have fun with Emelia every week. Emelia has a talent and great patience to deal with little ones. Under her teaching over a year, my little one started at zero and was ready to go to SK3."

- Aj, Aurora

        "Just Keep Swimming School has provided such a positive experience for my 5-year-old and 3-year-old. Each day they were excited to attend swim lessons! The individualized attention allowed for each child to progress and grow at their own pace. After 2 weeks they are more comfortable in the water with more confidence in their swimming abilities.  I highly recommend Just Keep Swimming School"

- Claudia, Aurora
- Claudia, Aurora

       "Colleen and Emelia's supportive and encouraging teaching style resulted in great progress for my daughter and she thoroughly going to every lesson."

- Kathy, Aurora

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